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 Rules & Guidelines 
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 Post subject: Rules & Guidelines
PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 10:40 am 
Site Admin

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Okay, here are a few basic rules for the forum. Staff members may make suggestions in the Moderator's section.

Once you hit 3 total warns you will be banned for 5 days.
This doesn't mean we cant ban you before you get 3 warns.

You will be Cbox Banned for flooding or stretching.

Repeat offenders can and will be banned for a longer time. Permanent bans used in extreme cases and on multiple accounts.

Forum Rules
  1. No Pornography or Gore
  2. No warez.
  3. No spamming/shit posts. This includes posts like "nice" , "thanks" , "good job" , "wow"
  4. No posting about (D)DoSing anything
  5. Do not post sites like Rickrolls, 2g1c, and or anything else with annoying javascript. This also includes survey/referral sites.
  6. No advertising other forums. (Linking counts, even in your signature)
  7. Do not bump dead, useless threads.
  8. No multiple accounts for normal users. We will ban the oldest account and warn he newest if this happens.
  9. Post in the correct section and don't go off-topic.
  10. Trading of accounts or any items is only done in the Black Market section.
  11. Use common sense! If something is not mentioned here then that doesn't mean it's allowed.
  12. Do not post threads asking people to sign up to a site for like money, points, or for something of monetary value.
  13. Do not edit the topic title so it shows up different in the chatbox
  14. No editing the topic title, then deleting the post to evade a warn
Server advertising
You may only advertise if the 2 requirements below are met:
  1. The server is playable.
  2. The server is completely open to the public.
Chatbox Rules
  1. No spamming.
  2. No porn/gore linking.
  3. Do not make posts with random characters, hiding messages in the cbox.
  4. No advertising other forums/sites.
  5. Please don't use the cbox to communicate with each other about another forum/site where you could just easily PM.
  6. No selling accounts on Cbox.
  7. No adverting Private Servers on Cbox.
  8. No recruiting for your private server (except by PM).
  9. Do not ask why you cannot play WQW. You must be activated and at the moment it is down.
  1. Report rule-breaking.
  2. Use English as best as you can.
  3. Be friendly and help other people out, don't harass people.
  4. Don't disrespect moderators just because they warn you.
  5. Ban Evasion Results in permanent continuous IP ban and User bans.
  6. Do not release malicious software or account crackers
  1. Do not request to be activated because you do not need to, you already have access and more.

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Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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